Now on Tap
November, 2015

In addition to our Nexus Regular Brews, like our IPA, Red Ale, and Cream Ale, our talented Head Brewer, Kaylynn, gets creative in the kitchen every month and doles out seasonal specialties so that we can have something new for you to try every time you visit!

A creamy brown ale with delicious pumpkin pie spice. Almost like drinking a glass of pumpkin pie, but better… its beer! 6.5% ABV 16 IBU

Hoppy Wheat
Is it a hoppy wheat beer? Or is it a wheaty IPA? Both. This beer gives you the delightful full body of an American style wheat ale and is dry hopped with Simcoe, Falconers Flight, and Ahtanum. The end result is an extremely drinkable hop-forward wheat beer. The best of both worlds! 6.3% ABV  50 IBU 

Imperial Cream Ale
Our World Beer Cup Silver medal winner is back! Crisp, smooth, light and packing one hell of a punch. 9.3% ABV 22 IBU (12oz only)

Plum Imperial Cream Ale
Everything you love about our award winning Imperial Cream Ale, but with a delicious plum kick! Inspired by our good friend Pat, who made an excellent homebrew, threw in homegrown plums, and shared it with us. We thought it was so tasty that we needed to brew a lot more of it so we could share it with all of our neighbors! Cheers! 9.3% ABV 16 IBU

U.S.S. Saaz
Our first in a series of Single Malt And Single Hop ales (S.M.A.S.H.). This S.M.A.S.H. features Czech Saaz, a classic “noble” aroma hop. Czech Saaz is recognized for its mild, pleasant, earthy herbal and floral aromas. The single malt and single hop recipe allows us to really get to know each variety of hop and familiarize ourselves with its signature flavors and aromas. 6.4% ABV 30 IBU