There’s chemistry, trigonometry, and biology, and now there’s
beerology, the study of true beer.

Beer, Ahhhhh! The process is simple but yet so complex!

Step 1
Start off with the best ingredients, the finest hops, malt, spices and sometimes fruit.

Step 2
Combine the grains with hot water and steep just like coffee or tea in the mash tun shown to the left. This combo once the grain is removed is called the wort.

Step 3
The wort is then transferred into the kettle, shown to the right and the wort is boiled for up to 3 hours depending on the recipe.

Step 4
The wort is cooled rapidly through a heat exchanger and then the wort is transferred into a fermentation tank, where the yeast converts the grain sugar to alcohol. Beer!!!

Step 5
The Beer is pass through a filter to remove the yeast residue and placed into a conditioning tank to age. During the aging process the becomes naturally carbonated.

Step 6
The tank is hooked up to the taps, enjoy!