On Tap at Nexus Brewery

Nexus Craft Beer Brewed On Site





Cream Ale
A pale golden ale created in the USA just before prohibition, considerably more favorable than its current counterparts.
5.0% ABV 12 IBU

gabfsilver2aworld-beer-cup2Honey Chamomile Wheat
Local B’s honey and chamomile flowers make this wheat beer slightly sweet and aromatically refreshing. A 2015 Great American Beer Festival silver medal winner, and winner of the Gold Medal for the World Beer Cup!
6.0% ABV 16 IBU


Imperial Cream Ale
Our World Beer Cup Silver Medal Winner & GABF Gold Medal Winner! Crisp, smooth, light and packing one hell of a punch

9.3% ABV 16 IBU

Scotch Ale
Our Flagship Beer! A strong very malty deep brown ale. Malt flavor predominates with nutty flavors mingling within.
7.0% ABV 28 IBU

Chocolate Porter
A traditional English Porter, brimming with chocolate and roasty flavors.

4.9% ABV 30 IBU

Red Ale 2.0
Our red ale is back with a little tweak, balanced red colored ale made with flaked rye and American hops.

6.9% ABV 49 IBU

A big bold American IPA. A light golden color with a big hoppy/citrusy finish. Made in West Coast tradition with lots of citrusy and piney hops.
6.9% ABV 85 IBU


2019 Lush & Aphotic Imperial Stout on cacao nibs from Ghana (1/2 BBL keg)

This 2019 Russian Imperial Stout is big, steep and has been aging on Cacao nibs from Ghana.  Cheers to 2019! 

9.0% ABV 50 IBU

!Fest Bier!

Fest Bier means that seasons are changing! In the style of German tradition this bier is toasty sweet with cereal and straw notes. The medium malt body takes the forefront and will quickly leave your stein in need of a refill.

6.1% ABV 22 IBU

Oralè Mexican Lager
Crisp, bready and biscuity, this beer is bright, smooth and easy drinking with a touch of lemon/lime. Orale’!

5.1% ABV 19 IBU

Creamy Brown Ale brewed with pumpkin spice to warm you over the shorter fall days ahead

6.0% ABV 19 IBU

N’Ultra 95
With only 95 calories per 12 ounces this low calorie lager goes down easy and guilt free. Japanese Sorachi Ace hops accent this sprite summer treat.

4.0% ABV 11 IBU

Black is Beautiful Imperial Stout.
*4 pack cans only
Nexus Brewery is proud to join Weathered Souls Brewing Co. and 1000+ brewers for the ‘Black is Beautiful’ brewery collaborative initiative to show that beer is an inclusive place for everyone of any color!

10.2% ABV 60 IBU

Coming Soon

Bird of Prey IPA
This experimental IPA was made with all of the juiciest “C” named hops we could muster. Cascade, Citra, and Centennial, just to name a few. A bright tropical aroma pleasantly introduces the citrus forward flavor of this IPA, and is supported with a clean malt body at the finish.

Starship Zapata Dunkles Bock

2019 Lush & Aphotic Imperial Stout aged on Rum Oak (Five gallon keg)

2019 Lush & Aphotic Imperial Stout aged on White Oak (Five gallon keg)

2019 Lush & Aphotic Imperial Stout aged on cacao nibs from Ecuador (1/2 BBL keg)

Guest Ciders

Black Mesa Raspberry Cider

ABV 7.0%


Growler Fill 64oz $10

1/6 Barrel (5 Gal) $65

1/4 Barrel (7.5 Gal) $90

1/2 Barrel (31 Gal) $160

Local Wine

Artisan wines exclusively from Black Mesa Winery, Verarde, NM and Santa Fe Vineyards.

White / Rose

Glass / Bottle

St Clair Mimbres White$6/$21

Blue Teal Vineyards, Chardonnay$6/$21
Elegant, lightly-oaked Chardonnay with citrus and pear with soft, bready accents from sur lie aging. Refreshing mouthfeel with grapefruit flavors backed with grapefruit flavors.

Noisy Water Tighty Whitey Pinot Gregio$6/$21
mouthwatering aromas that work into a refreshing middle and a smooth burst of honey, peach, and slight hint of spice.

Red Wines

Glass / Bottle

Noisy Water Jo Mamma’s Sweet Red$6/$21
fresh Tulips on the nose, followed by the bright and sweet melon on the tongue.

ST CLAIR, Merlot$7/$24
An intriguing, dark ruby color, our Merlot is dry with ripe blackberry, a rustic profile and slight mineral notes with roasted walnut, toast and oak accents

Vinos de los Muertos, Rest in Pink$7/$24
perumed flowers + sweet strawberry aromatic orange blossom

Santa Fe Vineyards, Cabernet Sauvignon$8/$26
big, full-flavored, hints of cherry & black currant