Nexus Neighbors

Nexus Neighbor membership is now for life. Join once and enjoy all the benefits forever! We are extending this offer to current, new, and past members. So, if you have ever paid for a membership, or are planning on getting one, it will now be honored for life at no additional cost.

Cold, fresh-brewed beer and delicious home-cooked southern food are only two parts of this triumvirate. The third part is tall tales, hearty laughs, and the company of good friends and neighbors. That is how we envisioned our membership club, Nexus Neighbors, and because of you, it’s a reality. Next time you are at the bar strike up a conversation with your new friends and toast all your Nexus Neighbors.

Every brewery has a mug club program. At Nexus, you become part of a dynamic organization where you get more than just an extra 4 ounces of beer. Our goal is to become the ‘connection’ place for the community where everyone really feels like Nexus is theirs.Ken Carson, Owner of Nexus Brewery

Welcome, neighbor. Come on down and enjoy a beer with us at
Nexus Brewery!

Benefits of Being a Nexus Neighbor

There are perks with your membership:

  • Nexus Loyalty Card – for every $100 you spend, we give back $10 off your next ticket (excludes alcohol)
  • $1 off a 12oz / 16oz / 20oz beer
  • A full growler of the beer of your choice
  • $1 off growler refills
  • 10% off keg purchases
  • Lifetime membership – enjoy all of these perks forever.

How to Become a Nexus Neighbor

It’s easy to become a Nexus Neighbor. Just let your server know that you would like to become a part of the neighborhood and they’ll get you signed up. Membership is only $40 and is a one-time cost. No renewals needed. The membership is for life.

My Membership

Now it’s easy to check your membership points, review your savings and more. Sign into the membership portal and just enter your Membership number on the back of your card to get started.

Membership Portal

Nexus Community Fund contributions

At Nexus, being a neighbor has no meaning without the great community we live in! WE believe that you get out of a community what you put into it. That is why for each membership, including renewals, a contribution of $5 ($10 for family and couples memberships) is placed in the Nexus Community Fund. Funds are donated to nonprofit organizations supported by our members. Ask a server for more information about the Nexus Community Fund.

The Nexus Neighbor Pledge

“I pledge allegiance to the Craft Beer Nation which is a group of common 
minded beer enthusiasts who know the
 difference between great beer and the
 watered down beer from the national 
beer companies. 
I pledge to always look for great craft
 beers first before drinking regular beer.
 And to the Craft Beer Nation for which 
it stands, to great brews, and to the best 
malts and hops available, indivisible,
 with liberty and friendship and for The 
Connection of all. 
I will always drink craft beer and enjoy 
the Exbeerience as a Nexus Neighbor ‘til 
the day I die!”